An Introduction to Custom Minis

Custom Minis is a new company thriving to meet the demands of our customers by creating customizable miniatures through the use of 3D and Rapid Prototyping.

Custom Minis specializes in creating custom bits and models for a variety of games and hobbies. With the creation of advanced technology we can create almost any design our customers could ever dream of and can create a physical piece that you can then use to play with.


1.  How are the designs created?
All of the designs are created using a 3D program, which creates the design in a virtual space.  When the design is completed, it is exported and sent to the manufacturing company so they can create the designs on demand using Rapid Prototyping.

2. What is Rapid Prototyping?
Rapid Prototyping, or 3D Printing, is a form of additive manufacturing technology in which a three dimensional object is created by laying down successive layers of material.

3.  Why do I have to purchase my miniatures through Shapeways?
The machinery used for 3D Printing costs about the same amount as a nice car and takes up a large amount of space.  Because of this, I use Shapeways as a resource to do on-demand printing for my customers.  It also allows me to focus on creating your fabulous designs rather than worrying about the production and shipping side of things.

4.  Why is there a $25 minimum purchase from Shapeways?
This is a minimum created by Shapeways.  The minimum purchase allows Shapeways to cover the cost of using their machinery, and covers shipping costs.  There is no additional shipping fee beyond the cost of the model!

5.  How long does it take to have a commission made?
Commission work varies based on the complexity of the model.  Most commissioned models should be completed within 5 business days.  If it will take longer, I will inform you through email.

6.  How long does it take to get my models from Shapeways?
Most purchases from Shapeways will be completed within 10 business days.  There are some materials that may take longer (e.g.,  polished plastics which take 18 business days, and metals which take 14 business days.)  Always be sure to check the material you have selected for printing to see the amount of time it will take for delivery.

7.  I see my design on your Shapeways shop, does this mean anyone can buy it?
Yes.  One of the ways I can offer commissioned work at such a low cost is by making the design available for others to purchase.  This helps to  recoup the cost of the initial job.

8.  Why do I have to provide permission for you to sell my designs to other people?
I do this to make sure everyone knows how Custom Minis works.  Everyone who wants to have a commissioned job done will be getting it at a deeply discounted price.  To make up for that price you agree that I can continue to sell your initial design so that I can make up the costs of creating the design in the first place.

9.  Do I make any money off the design that I gave you?
No.  Once payment is received for a commission design you have agreed to let me sell that design on Shapeways without any further compensation (monetary or otherwise) to you the submitter of the design, other than the discount received in doing the initial commission work.

10.  How much does commission work cost?
All commissions start at $25.  After the initial design has been reviewed I will email you with the final price of the commission and a time estimate to complete the work.  Most simple bits and weapons will fall under the $25 fee.  Full character designs, which take a considerable amount of time, will cost more --$100 plus.

11.  I've got a really cool design, but it's not mine and is copyrighted by another company, can you make it?
No.  Unfortunately all commission work I do must be of your own design.  I will not replicate copyrighted materials as I could get sued.  However I will be more than happy to make conversion bits that fit preexisting models.

12.  Would you ever consider creating a unique design just for me and not selling it to others?
I'm here to work with you, and if there is a commission you want created and not sold to other people send in a commission request and we can discuss it further through email.  Be fore warned it will cost significantly more for the initial commission costs though.