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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shapeways Price Changes


All prices on Shapeways have been fixed.  All single shoulder pads will now be using the White detail material instead of the Ultra Detail material.  For more information on White detail materials please visit the material page on Shapeways.

* * * * *

Hi everyone, I just recently received an email from Shapeways letting me know they were changing their Pricing on the Ultra Detail material to a five dollar minimum per item.  This changes was immediate and has changed all of the pricing for shoulder pads completely.  Basically making a single shoulder pad $5 + material costs. 

I will be working on restructuring the pricing method for all of the items I currently sale over the next week, and this will most likely cause a minimum purchase of each type of shoulder pad (10 pads) to make it echonomical for me to sale them and for you to purchase them.

I apologize for any problems Shapeways price change might cause over the next week, but the prices should be fixed and hopefully back to the normal level at volume by Wednesday, July 6th.

Thank you for your patience.

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